Pickup Instructions

Your order is ready to be picked up! You can pick it up anytime before December 16th. (If it is after December 16th, please follow the instructions on our FAQ page for getting your package shipped to you.) It is waiting for you in a bin on my porch. My apartment is located at 1270 S 1220 W, Orem, UT, 84058. The maps usually take you to the wrong place, so make sure you check these directions to get to the right place! Take University Parkway, all the way to the west side of I-15 (on the other side of the freeway from Walmart). At the light at the intersection of University and Geneva, take a left. Take your first left onto 1330, and then your second left onto 1200. At the end of 1200, there is a stop sign. Take a left, and my building is right there! I live in Building I. My apartment is on the north side of the building, 3 floors up. Right outside my door, there is a wooden box. That will have your package inside with your name on it! Just double check and make sure you’re taking yours & then you are good to go!